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Rose Gold Hair Colour 2015


New Rose Gold Hairstyles

Recently i visited my hairstylist to obtain my hair colored and/or highlighted. I introduced a photo of this rose gold colour and asked her to obtain my head of hair as close to that color as possible.

My organic hair colour is a light to dirty blonde colour, but I have recently been highlighting my hair with regard to years so I essentially have a darkish american platinum eagle blonde colour 12 months round. My personal hairstylist made a decision to place the same platinum blonde features and reddish lowlights inside my locks in an effort to complement the rose gold colour represented within the image. The lowlights been found extremely darker and i also believe my hair appearance really unnatural (extremely high distinction between the light and darker colours) surely nothing just like the color I wanted (rose gold).

Rose Gold Hair Colour 8_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour 7_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour 6_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour

My issue really has several elements. Initially, is it feasible for any darker platinum blonde person to even achieve a rose gold hair colour (like in the picture) via features and lowlights, or does it demand an all over dye work?

Next, will it be better for me to try to make this happen color at home with a box coloring? If not, how do I explain to my hairstylist how in order to get this colour?

2_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour 1_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour 3_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour 4_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour 5_rose_gold_hair - Rose Gold Hair Colour

I understand that that is challenging occasionally for hairstylists to match the certain colour, cut, and so on. exactly like a photo, but I would like to observe if it is actually actually achievable for me to possess in which exact hair colour.


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