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Kendall Jenner Hair 2015


Kendall Jenner has cut her head of hair into a lengthy bob, and we’re loving it! Heading with regard to a stylish, innovative lob, Kendall Jenner offers set herself apart from her sibling, Kylie, once again. Because Kylie goes for colorful, edgy cuts, Kendall Jenner is swiftly getting the fashion planet by storm with a mature sensibility that is difficult to ignore.

Kourtney Kardashian lately joked on E! that Kendall Jenner is “her favorite sister,” and you could see why. Kendall Jenner seems to be following in Kourtney’s footsteps with muted makeup and minimalist styles. Kylie, however, is apparently following in Kim and Khloe’s foosteps. In other words: Jolt and AWE.


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