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Japanese Hair Straightening


Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening is a popular way of straightening curly or wavy hair into pin-right locks. It’s a little bit controversial, because it can wreck havoc upon hair if done through an inexperienced stylist but a few women swear by this method for straightening their own unruly curls.

Japanese Hair Straightening

So, should you get this? How does it compare with the keratin hair treatment (also referred to as Brazilian hair straightening), will be the remedy hazardous and can it work?

I provide you with the full rundown in this post.

A Brief History of Japanese Hair Treatment’s Reputation in america

Japanese_Hair_Straightening_6 - Japanese Hair Straightening Japanese_Hair_Straightening_5 - Japanese Hair Straightening Japanese_Hair_Straightening_4 - Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening treatments (also known as thermal reconditioning) had been all the rage in New York City in early 2000s. For ladies with curly hair who desired directly hair, it appeared a miracle process. You enter the hair salon with wavy hair, drop $150-$800 for hours of chemical remedy and smooth-ironing and walk out with super sleek right hair that keeps directly till it grows out.

Japanese_Hair_Straightening_2 - Japanese Hair Straightening

The treatments were quite popular, they jumped coasts and became popular on the Western side Coastline and then in big cities across the country. Till Brazilian head of hair straightening trapped on. Soon, Brazilian hair straightening, which utilizes keratin and formaldehyde, became The Head of hair Straightening Treatment of as soon as and also the Japanese method declined to the wayside.

Japanese_Hair_Straightening_1 - Japanese Hair Straightening


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