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Green Hair Color 2015


For a lot of individuals, St. Patrick’s day is the perfect time to consider anything exciting and funky for that celebration, like coloring your own hair green. Whilst green hair is typically designed to be temporary, the color may linger if you’re not really careful. Here are some tricks and tips to get that eco-friendly hair for Saint. Patrick’s time, and return to your regular locks the day following.

First associated with just about all, if you have golden-haired locks DO NOT color your locks with any kind of green hair color, even squirt color, that states it will wash out. For most blondes, the actual green hair color will go into the hair shaft deeper than you intend simply because of its porosity. This will give you green hair color for days and quite often days. The only real answer when this occurs is to go to a salon and have them use bleach to get rid of the green hair color.

For darker hair colors, you might run into the exact same predicament if your hair will be especially porous. The distinction will be that the actual lingering effects regarding the green hair color mixed with your own might appear “muddy” instead of genuinely green.

To avoid the issue that eco-friendly head of hair color could cause completely, I suggest that you first jacket you head of hair having a lotion centered product which has little if any keep in the locations where you would like the green hair color to exhibit up. Use a green hair chalk to layer the hair.


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