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Bruno Mars Hair 2014


Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson and their music group performed hit Uptown Funk around the Speech finale display, and Mars wore his hair in gold curlers the whole time.

We like to visualize that Ronson dared Mars to do it, and Mars was only OK, like and “Yeah” completely unfazed. The singer furthermore rocks curlers inside the music video for Uptown Funk, simply because he does exactly what he wants.

Let’s talk about all about Bruno Mars hairstyles, haircuts and hair in this thread. Go ahead and post more photos of his hair within this thread.

Bruno Mars has black kinky hair he is known for covering using a cap. Bruno Mars favorite hairstyle is the Afro for his normally kinky hair, his Afro is normally medium size and tapered on the edges. Bruno Mars also loosens his kinky hair into curly head of hair to type his hair into a Pompadour.


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