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Amanda Bynes New Hair 2013


Amanda Bynes is really loving the woman’s newly half-shaved head.

Last week, the 27-year-old retired celebrity buzzed offfifty percent her hair to be “just like Cassie,“and it’s safe to say she is pretty pleased with her new ‘do.


Upon Sunday, Bynes posted multiple photos associated with him selfinside a white pullover sweat shirt and sweat pants, revealing her new hairstyle in the heart of a fitness center. Bynes is winking in the digital camera in every single shot, which for what ever reason simply leavesus feeling instead unsettled.


We’re notcertain how much of a good work out the former “What I Like About You” celebrity gets because she’s hecticnipping pics, but at least we haven’t hear dany more reports of the woman’s getting kicked from a fitness center since she presumably had been booted fromPlanet Fitness in Harlem with regard to smoking bud in the women’salter room.




Amanda Bynes New Hair


Amanda Bynes New Hair


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